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Accreditation Solution

  Methods for the definition and structuring of accreditation surveys represented as
    comprehensive and validated hierarchies of arbitrary criteria (survey items) such as
    standards for organisational or facility structure and processes, regulations, dimensions,
    and quality and performance measures and outcomes,
  Submission by organisational or facility representatives, and surveyors of a portfolio of
    evidence demonstrating progress and achievements in completion of survey items,
  Multi-media documents, testimony, interviews, derived measures, test results,
    simulations, and demonstrations acceptable as evidence for completion of survey items,
  Consistent, transparent, reliable, objective, and verifiable survey assessment process
    conducted according to recognised standards for accreditation including those for
    personnel certification,
  Automated evidence-criteria cross-referencing and survey completion tracking,
  Capabilities for managing multilingual users and users with disabilities, and
  Automated management reports for compliance and administrative functions.

  Optimised/automated assessment methods used continuously by organisations or
    facilities and surveyors reduce accreditation cycles and stakeholder costs;
  Organisation of survey items and application of survey assessment methods are
    objective, reliable, consistent, and transparent. Such an approach improves the quality
    of accreditation decisions and increases the perceived value and market acceptance
    of the accreditations,
  Integrated verification processes enabling compliance and reducing risk of fraud.
Accreditation is an assessment process (regulatory or voluntary) wherein an accrediting body verifies that an institution, organisation, business, or facility conforms to predetermined and standardised criteria and thereby awards time-limited recognition of such conformance. The process assesses conformance to minimum standards or to optimal achievable standards or to levels of performance and quality for capacity building and sustainability. View other PaperFree® solutions.