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Prior Learning Recognition for Admissions
Improved admissions decisions

  award of advanced standing,
  waiver of course prerequisites,
  fulfillment of general education
    requirements and minimum
    standards, and
  achievement of major program

Prior Learning Recognition

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Features of Our Admissions Improvement Solution
Our prior learning recognition solution (PLAR) differentially maps the diverse competencies and credentials (Canadian and foreign) presented by potential applicants to academic and competency standards set by your admissions committee and accrediting bodies. It supports a consistent and verifiable assessment process allowing your admissions staff to build a dynamic e-library of rules and mappings (credentials, credits, competencies, and work experience equivalencies) defining your admissions standards.

Expand Your Applicant Pool and Maintain Admissions Standards
Our solution supports comprehensive and consistent admission decisions and spot checks by internal and external verifiers. A recently completed 7-year study (2010, The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning) of PLAR admission processes and outcomes in 48 North
American educational institutions reported beneficial impacts of the use of PLAR, namely:
  250% improvement in graduation and persistence (i.e. credit accumulation) rates
    of PLAR students relative to non-PLAR students (independent of institutional size,
    program length or institutional type), and
  Savings in time required to complete a degree (award) of between 2.5 and 10.1
    months for PLAR students compared to non-PLAR students.
Reduce the length of the assessment cycle for prior learning and experience. Applicants receive prompt feedback regarding type and extent of evidence that must be collected and presented to claim admission credits. Staff are able to assess online admissibility and quality of submitted evidence. Staff are able to handle larger volumes of PLAR applicants in the same time leading to unit costs savings for the organisation. Our solution helps reduce cost, time, and staff effort associated with processing PLAR applications and improves the consistency, quality, transparency, and defensibility of PLAR decisions made by staff.