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Company Alliances

General Contracting Services

Key 2 Resources (Vancouver Island). In May 2006, CCTA formed a strategic partnership with Key 2. CCTA supplements its core consulting capacity and capability by sourcing additional resources using the professional services of Key 2. Key 2 has 10+ years staffing and recruitment experience placing candidates at all levels of the information management and technology sector.

e-Assessment Solutions

PaperFree e-Portfolio Solutions (UK). In October 2009, CCTA completed a licensing and business development agreement with PF Global Ltd. (now PaperFree e-Portfolio Solutions) to market and sell its PaperFree® solution in North America. PaperFree was the first (1996) UK provider of e-portfolios recognised by leading UK educational and vocational awarding bodies. CCTA is offering the PaperFree® product in North America as a family of e-assessment solutions for learning, staffing, and accreditation.