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Frequently Asked Questions
The British Columbia health care job market is changing rapidly.

Certified Health Care Aides (HCAs) are in demand. They are the only ones eligible
for the better paid positions.

Are you frustrated because you do not have the qualifications to be accepted onto
the BC Care Aide registry and be eligible for those great jobs?

  Do you have qualifications from out of Province?
  Do you have skills and experience as a Care Aide?
  Do you want to earn more money working in a Government funded workplace?

We have developed a Prior Learning and Recognition process which evaluates
your skills and knowledge, in the Care Sector.

We also work with organisations that help you achieve your career goals as a
Certified HCA. We have colleges which respect your existing skills and knowledge
and only teach you and charge you for those competencies which you lack. We
have employment liaison ready to help you.

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