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Employability programs facilitate workforce preparation and placement for members of select community groups such as immigrants, aboriginals, the unemployed or underemployed, the disabled, youth, or the older workforce. The programs offer personalised upgrading and training in workplace or academic competencies for occupations and professions targeted by sponsors and in essential skills and language proficiencies. View other PaperFree® solutions.
Employability Solution
  Methods for the definition and structuring of employability programs represented
    as comprehensive hierarchies of arbitrary criteria such as eligibility rules and
    qualifications and program objectives in the form of acquired skills, occupational or
    professional competencies, or certifications,
  Submission by a program applicant or facilitator of a portfolio of evidence attesting to
    eligibility, prior achievement and learning for program qualification and achievements
    and relevant workplace competencies attained whilst completing the program,
  Documents, testimony, interviews, test results, demonstrations (in the form of audio,
    video, photocopy, text files) acceptable as evidence for program assessments,
  Consistent and transparent assessment process enabling prior learning recognition,
    identification of competency gaps, and development of individual action plans
    verifiable by internal or external parties,
  Automated evidence-criteria cross-referencing and program completion tracking,
  Capabilities for managing multilingual users and users with disabilities, and
  Automated management reports for compliance and administrative functions.

  Optimised assessment cycles increase the capacity of program sponsors to manage
    larger volumes and to improve the retention, completion, and placement rates for
    program participants;
  Program criteria constructed and assessed using validated standards for essential 
    skills, occupational or professional competencies, and certifications improve
    labour market acceptance of the programs; and
  Integrated verification processes enabling compliance and reducing risk of fraud.