What is CARS?
CARS (Credentials Assessment and Recognition of Skills) offers a FREE online
   Prior Learning Assessment used by various healthcare education colleges in
   BC Canada.

Do I have to pay for this assessment?
No. CARS is FREE. There are NO obligations on your part.

What happens at the end of the assessment?
You will be contacted by the college to meet with an advisor or to participate in
   a conference call.

Why do I need to take this assessment?
Without undertaking the assessment, it would be assumed that you had no care
   experience or qualifications.

Do I have to be qualified to work as a Care Aide in BC?
"If you are a student currently enrolled in any health care assistant training
   program in BC, you are eligible for registration after graduation. In the future,
   only graduates of a recognized health care assistant training program in BC will be
   eligible for registration." BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry

   The Health Care Aide (HCA) qualification in BC is now a part of a formal registration
   process and employers, receiving government funding, will only hire those applicants
   with HCA or equivalent.

Are there any obligations on my part?
You have no obligations whatsoever.

Does this mean I am enrolling in anything?
No. You are being assessed. There is nothing more.

Will my email address be given to anyone else?
Your email address will be passed on to selected and appropriate colleges.
   Please review our privacy policy.

Can I write the assessment more than once?

What happens if I fail?
There is no pass or fail. This assessment evaluates what you already know.

Do I get a copy of the assessment results?
No. Your assessment result will be discussed with you by the college representative.

What do I do if the site/application crashes while I am doing the assessment?
Contact CARS Technical Support at technicalsupport@crystalcleartechnology.net.

What happens if I run out of time?
The assessment will be graded on those questions you have answered within the
   time frame allotted.

How can I ask a question?
Please send any assessment questions to CARS@crystalcleartechnology.net.

Are employers looking to employ Health Care Workers?
Healthcare workers are in great demand. That trend will continue. "CARS" provides
  you with a fast-track approach to affordable learning. The CARS approach offers
  you access to an Individual Learning Plan tailored to your individual skills, prior
  experience and training.