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PaperFree® Solution Family
"Assess, Qualify, Certify, License, and Accredit"
PaperFree® is a portfolio-based evidence, assessment, and conformance management family. The solution administrator defines accreditation surveys, credentials, credits, prior learning, individual action plans, certifications, licences, courses, certificates, or positions as hierarchical lists of arbitrary achievement criteria.

Individuals, agents, or assessors submit a portfolio of evidence demonstrating conformance with the defined criteria. Documents, testimony, interviews, test results, simulations, and demonstrations (in the form of audio, video, photocopy, and text files) are acceptable types of evidence.

Assessors evaluate and report progressive conformance of submitted evidence with the defined criteria. Internal or external verifiers validate compliance of the criteria and the assessments with recognised standards and best practices. The solution features automated criteria cross-referencing and multiple languages and disability support.

Solution Family
  Accreditation - Survey assessment of an organisation or facility or program
  Certification and Licensure - Regulatory credentialing of an applicant
  Employability - Competency gap assessment and action plan for program applicant
  Learning - Assessment of student or trainee for course achievement
  Prior Learning Recognition - Assessment and recognition of prior achievement
  Talent Recognition - Assessment of job applicant or employee for a position

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