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Prior Learning Recognition Solution
Prior learning encompasses the skills and knowledge obtained in formal study and those acquired via informal training and life experiences. Identification, documentation, assessment, and recognition of prior learning ("PLAR") is an essential element of application, eligibility, and qualification processes for education, training, certification, employability, or organisational capacity building programs. View other PaperFree® solutions.
  PLAR of skills, knowledge, and values acquired by informal or unstructured education
     and training, work and life experiences, hobbies, and community activities. This process
     may award formal academic credentials using methods of competency assessment,
     portfolio-based learning, and learning outcomes assessment,
  Credential assessment wherein one academic or professional body recognises the
     credentials and qualifications awarded by another body using methods such as foreign
     credential recognition, and
  Credit transfer wherein one education or training institution awards credits or higher
     program standing for credits achieved in the program of another institution.

  Increased organisational capacity to manage larger volumes of applicants and program
    participants by decreasing the length of program assessment and learning cycles,
  Increased numbers of applicants and enrollees solicited by improving market perception
    of the scope of entry-level qualifications and experiences assessed by organisations, the
    consistency of the program assessment process, and award acceptance value,
  Increased organisational capability to improve retention and award completion rates,
  Flexible pricing schedule offering per person/award rates aligned with budgets, and
  Integrated verification processes enabling compliance and reducing risk of fraud.

  Admissions programs for educational or career training institutions