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PaperFree® e-Assessment Solutions
PaperFree® is a family of e-portfolio-based evidence, assessment, and conformance management solutions proven capable of streamlining the complex workflow processes associated with eligibility, qualification, certification, and licensure of personnel and accreditation of organisations, facilities, and programs. Potential users include:

  Educational and training institutions                       Professional associations
  Labour market development and support groups Regulatory authorities
  Human resources management organisations     Any compliance process

General Solution Family Features
  Four levels (elements, modules, units, award) for arbitrary assessment criteria
  Submission of a portfolio of evidence attesting to prior achievement and qualifications
  Documents, witness testimony, demonstrations, multi-media... acceptable as evidence
  Consistent and transparent evaluation of evidence by assessors
  Automated criteria cross-referencing and award completion tracking
  Monitoring and validation of assessment decisions by internal and external verifiers
  Capabilities for managing multilingual users and users with disabilities
  Automated generation of administrative and compliance management reports

General Solution Family Benefits
  Reduced assessment time and increased candidate volume and award completion rates
  Consistent and transparent assessment process enhances perceived value of awards
  Integrated verification process enables compliance and reduces stakeholder risk
  Multi-factor award criteria improve psychometric validity of awards

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