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Talent recognition encompasses the identification and evaluation of competencies, skills, knowledge, habits, and traits of job applicants or employees by internal or external assessors. Such assessments determine fitness of applicants for hiring or of employees for promotion or participation in compensation schemes and employee development programs or benchmark the capability and capacity of the talent base of the organisation. View other PaperFree® solutions.
Talent Recognition Solution
  Methods for the definition and structuring of organisational positions represented as
    consistent and comprehensive hierarchies of arbitrary criteria such as experiences,
    credentials, competencies, skills, knowledge, tasks, responsibilities, performance
    measures, location, timing, and compensation levels,
  Submission by an applicant or employee or agent of a portfolio of evidence attesting
    to qualifications for a position,
  Résumés, credentials, histories, references, interviews, screenings, test results,
    demonstrations in multi-media formats acceptable as evidence for assessment,
  Consistent and transparent evaluation of the submitted evidence by assessors for the
    determination of progress of an applicant or employee towards qualification for a
    position and verification of submitted evidence incorporating background checking,
  Automated evidence-criteria matching and cross-referencing and level of qualification
    features usable for recruitment, skill and competency gap assessments, learning and
    career development programs, succession planning, workforce and performance
    analytics, and compensation management,
  Capabilities for managing multilingual users and users with disabilities, and
  Automated management reports for compliance and administrative functions.

  Introduction of a measurable and consistent, method to improve the quality of hires,
  Alignment of capabilities and capacity of workforce strategically with organisational
    goals and objectives,
  Improvement of workforce productivity and retention rates and reduction of workforce
    development costs,
  Integrated verification processes enabling compliance and reducing risk of fraud.